Gretchen (kittenhead) wrote,

So I found out today that a cop shot my ex-boyfriend's dog.

This is neither justified nor at all abnormal, cops shoot dogs all of the time.  But it's still horribly nauseating and rage-inspiring when it happens to someone you know and care about.  What is slightly different about this encounter, however, was that the police were not even there to arrest my ex--- he hadn't done anything wrong. They were there because the house behind the one my ex was staying in (a friend's house) was on fire.  Not arson, mind you-- so really, no explanation for why the police were there at all.  But for some reason, the police deemed it necessary to go through my ex's friend's backyard, where Gracie, a small mixed spaniel, was hanging out.  Apparently when the police officers decided to cut through the yard, Gracie went up to them and nipped one of them slightly on the finger....upon which the officer promptly shot her in the head and killed her. 

First point-- Why the hell were the police called to the scene of a fire?  This is just one more example of why there needs to be a "911" which calls the police, one which calls the paramedics, and one which calls the fire department, and never the twain shall meet.

Second point-- My ex was not committing a crime-- the police were.   First, by trespassing on someone else's property.  They were given no warrant to be in that yard.  Second, obviously, by killing a dog who was someone else's property.  It's not as if they were in the process of arresting my ex for something and his rottweiler came out and attacked them.  It's nothing even remotely close to that.  Want to wager what the penalty would be if you shot a police dog in the head? 

Third point-- I hate to get all political about this, except that police officers do things like this all of the time.  It's not like this is some isolated incident.  To put it plainly, if you ever plan on having police officers at your house (or anywhere near it) for any reason, or even if you don't plan it, do not let your dog anywhere near the police.   It doesn't matter if the dog is the friendliest, most well-behaved, smartest animal in the world.  They will seize upon the slightest pretense to kill it.  If you care at all about your dog, don't let him or her anywhere near the police.

Edited to add:  Apparently the wound the police officer showed my ex boyfriend was on the knuckle of his thumb.  When you shoot a 9mm or a .380, it's not uncommon for the kickback to tear a bit of skin off that knuckle if you're not careful.  My ex reports that if Gracie were to go after anyone, she would go for the ankles (she's just not that big).  So I can't help but wonder if this entire "she bit my thumb" thing is fabricated.

My ex is going down to the station today to file a report.  I wish he'd sue, but the amount of time and money that would involve might be just too daunting.

I apologize that this post isn't as coherent as it could've been.  I was just too angry when I wrote it.
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